[edit] The King and You

Area Found Ballandor Underground Passage
Target(s) Abaddon (E-2, E-3)
Unlocks When Story Chapter 12 Part 1 Clear
Suggested Level 60+
EXP 3000
Reward Items Storm Rod x1, Chromium Pearl Lv. 9 x1, Guardian Pearl Lv. 9 x1
Guilder Reward 1800
GR Points 70,000G

[edit] Info:

Reenter the Secret Passage and navigate north and then east to the chamber above the prison area. Here you find a powerful black wraith creature that is vulnerable to attack only after use of a Holy Water, so pack a few of these for the trip on all characters. The Boss and the Succubi it summons are weak to Slash and Fire attacks, but only after using a Holy Water on them. Destroy the Succubi until there is only one remaining, but leave it alone to prevent Abaddon from summoning a new flock. (This does not always work, its better to not kill the skeletons in the room when first entering, this will prevent Abaddon from summoning the Succubi).

  • This is probably the Hardest of the Bounties if done in order.
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