A Fright of Dragons

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A Fright of Dragons
Unlocks When:By GR
Guild Ranks:026
Suggested Level:56+80+
Max. Party Size:6


[edit] Outline

A horde of dragons has invaded the caverns beneath Greede, and are now dangerously close to the city. Work with local mercenaries to dispatch them before they can harm civillians.

Dispatch the dragon horde.


  • Players(s) wiped out during battle.
  • Requirements not met in time.

[edit] How to Run The Quest

There are 6 traps that you need to activate by talking to the NPCs next to them. Once activated, talk to the NPC on floor 3 to trigger the boss battle. This quest is a good alternative to Dragon the Line as the bosses are the same but without the squishy NPC's in your party. It's also a great quest to harvest ingredients.

  • To get an S-Rank, you'll need to :
    • Activate the 6 traps
    • Kill the lizards at D2 (top-most room)
    • Kill the Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon
    • After doing these 3 things (in any order), go to floor 3 and fight the boss (Ancient Dragon + Netherwyrm)
    • There's no time bonus.

[edit] Walkthrough

  • To activate the 6 traps, you just need to talk to the 6 npcs (B2, C2, C4, C4, D3, D2).
  • To access the room of the lizards, you need to examine the 3 footprints (C3, D3, D2).
  • To access the room of the Ice Dragon, you need to get the key at D3 (bottom).
  • To access the room of the Fire Dragon, you need to talk to the Scout who spawns randomly on the map.

[edit] S-Rank Solo Guide

  • Scout spawn location : Visit the 4 rooms at C2. If you find a chest :
    • in the upper-left room, the Scout is at E3 (bottom room)
    • in the lower-left room, the Scout is at E2
    • in the lower-right room, the Scout is at C4 (bottom room)
  • 1st Trap : Talk to the npc at B2 (top right room).
  • 1st Footprint : Examine the sparkling star near the papitaur at C3 (bottom left).
  • 2nd Trap : Talk to the npc at C2 (center room).
  • 3rd Trap : Talk to the npc at C4 (the tiny room in the middle on the right).
  • 4th Trap : Talk to the npc at C4 (the big room in the bottom left).
  • 5th Trap and key : Talk to the npc at D3 (bottom room). He gives you the key to the room of the Ice Dragon (he gives it to you even if you didn't activate the 4 previous traps).
  • 2nd Footprint : Examine the sparkling star at D3 (exactly in the middle).
  • 6th and last Trap : Talk to the npc at D2 (right).
  • 3rd and last Footprint : Examine the sparkling star at D2 (left). You're now able to open the room of the lizards.
  • Kill all the lizards in the top most room (D2) until you get a message saying that you killed them all. This sub-quest is required to get an S-Rank.
  • Go to E3 (center) and kill the Ice Dragon (Infernus).
  • Go talk to the Scout and she will bring you to the Fire Dragon.
  • Open the room in front of you and kill the Fire Dragon and the Assasins. You should get a message saying that you killed all the dragons and another one saying that you successfully completed all the missions.
  • Talk to the Scout again and she will take you to the elevator.
  • Go to Floor 3, and talk to the npc in front of you to trigger the boss fight : Ancient Dragon (Algyros) and Netherwyrm (Hades).

[edit] S-Rank Group Guide

  • 1 player checks the 4 rooms at C2. He activates the 1st Trap then communicates the location of the Scout (see solo guide).
  • Meanwhile, 3 players should activate the 5 other Traps and go directly fight the Ice Dragon at E3.
  • The remaining 2 players examine the 3 Footprints (ignoring the traps), then go directly kill the lizards at D2.
  • The fastest group goes help the others.
  • Everybody but 1 go fight the Fire Dragon (after talking to the Scout).
  • The remaining player goes directly to floor 3 and prepares to start boss battle as soon as the dragon is dead.

With this method, a powerful team can beat FoD1 is about 10 minutes. FoD2 will take about 20mins.

[edit] Boss Strategy

The fight against the Ancient Dragon (Algyros) and the Netherwyrm (Hades) can be very difficult, but there are 2 strategies.

[edit] Gardian Aura

The safest strategy is to use a knight equipped with a shield and cast Guardian Aura (R1 + Triangle). This allows the whole team to take no damage inside the blue circle. 1 player should be dedicated to supporting the knight (favors + MP) while the others deal damage. Ideally, the incorruptus should equip the full Adolmaea armor set that gives 100MP to relieve the healer of MP support, as well as a 2-Turnbreaks weapons to be able to Guardian Aura a second time if it wears off (the 2TB weapons have been removed from the playstation store but can still be used). During the battle, make a priority of killing the crystals first because they can knock down the knight. Then kill Algyros first (he's the weakest). Since nobody takes damage, axe users are welcome to use Soulscracher to lower their HP for maximum damage then Crowd Control for potential 9999 critical hits.

A team of 4 players can beat FoD2 without much trouble.

[edit] Fate and Angel's Favor

The second strategy is very risky but can actually be faster if there are good support Mages in the team. This method consists in maintaining Angel's Favor and Fate's Favor on everyone during the whole fight. Ideally, there should a bow user who gives MP to the Mage(s) with Spirit's Hymn, while the Mage(s) cast favors on everyone with their fast spell casting. This has the advantage that when no one needs support, everybody can attack. However casting 2 favors on each person can be tricky but the battle becomes easier once the Ancient Dragon dies because the Netherwyrm only has physical attacks (nullified by Fate's Favor) while the crystals only deal magical damage (nullified by Angel's Favor).

Like for Gardian Aura, make a priority of killing the crystals first.

[edit] Harvesting Spots

This is one of the very best quests of the game with harvesting spots.


  • B2 (left side) : branches
  • B3 (lower-left corner) : ores
  • C3 (lower-left corner) : shards
  • C2 (top room) : planks
  • C4 (bottom-most room) : planks
  • C4 (left corridor) : insects
  • D3 (upper-left corner) : planks
  • D3 (bottom room) : ores
  • D2 (left side of the top room) : cotton
  • D2 (right side of the top room) : fossils
  • D2 (right side) : branches
  • E3 (top room) : shards
  • E3 (bottom room) : branches

FLOOR 2 (accessible after talking to the Scout)

  • B3 (near the save point) : branches
  • B2 (bottom room) : shards

[edit] Reward

White Knight Chronicles I Quest Rewards

^You can also get the Rusted Relic in the 2nd version of the quest if you get a B-Rank or higher but it's rare (10%).

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