10 Million Dollar Glitch

                          10 Million Dollar glitch 

Yes, it is true you can get the 10 Million Dollar trophy with a glitch, the game doesn't care if you retain the money. It only cares that you have had the money. The best thing of all is that you have been doing this from the first time you started to play the game by collecting as many inventory items that you can. You know what I mean (255 max limit) you need to do this too as many of the high resell items as you can. The time to get series about it is when you get GR15 and can solo some of the big Quest the ones that I am talking about of course is: Best Served Cold 3, Ring Leader 3 and Dragons Heat 3 (Better if you do the side quest for Dragons Heat "Need the Fire Charm"). Then farm in: Ring Leader 3, King of Dragon 3, Sprog Cleaning 2 and Arena 1. So here is the thing to keep in mind, when you are doing a quest the Money and the EXP is divided among the people in the quest, Best Served Cold 3 is worth 15,000 Gold for completing with an "S". So if you have 3 people in the quest then you only get 5,000 each, you also need to complete in 7 minuets if you go past that then it is worth 12,666. So if you can you will want to get a good water weapon, the best way to do that is when you are binding the weapon pick one that is of a good level and then when you start to upgrade it wait to add the element until Level 8 and Level 9 and then do a normal upgrades for the last one. This works on all weapons for the best performance. Now here is where it gets tricky, You have got as many items that you can, and have on hand, 5 or 6 Million dollars, and have farmed as many high resell items that you feel OK with, unequipped all equipment and save game. Go to the closet store and then sell everything. If you have enough items on hand and started with a good money. You should hit 10.000,000.and the game well give you the 10 Million Trophy for that now here is the key DON'T SAVE YOUR GAME AT THIS POINT instead quit the game and then reload from last save point. Now lets say that this is the last trophy that you have left to get? Not only well you get the 10 Million trophy but you should also get the Platinum as well. Now there is some talk that if you are doing this that you might not get the Crown to wear in WKC2, But that is something that you well have to decided for your self, its up to you what you think is important to you: the Trophy or the Crown. Happy Hunting.

So here is the reason i know that this could work, earlier in the game when I was GR 4 I had only 300,000 for spending, so much that I did in deed save my game at that time. Then gone to a in game store and sold every thing that I could just to get the 1,000,000 trophy, once I got it then quit the game and reloaded from my last save point and there it was still in my possession the 1 Million Dollar Trophy. So I am trying to do it again with the 10 Million, at this point I now have 2,468,472 gold, I saved my game went to the nearest in game store and sold every thing, I came up with 4,678,432. I will do this again once i hit 3,000,000 and as always farming for more inventory. The thing like Elements fire, water, earth, wind, emeralds, diamonds, ruby's, platinum, get the ideal the high resell items well see what happens and ill keep you informed of my progress. As I promised i did it again when i got to 3,684,987. "Drum roll Please" My net worth is 7,438,671. Holy Batman! so as of 11/12/11 I only need 3,500,000 to the 10 Million Dollar trophy. Lame so close =) Thank you to every one that has seen this page and has pass the news about the best kept secret of all. WKC2 is my next stop and i am told that it's even Bigger with much more to do. Live Long RPG for those of you that have been following me on this INFO I can say with out a doubt this glitch does work. F.Y.I make sure that you get every thing that you think you will need to take with you, and yes that includes the town coins for the Georama armor {don't upgrade just yet wait until you get to the new game in WKC2. And another thing to make sure that once you feel that you are ready to go to WKC2 you must finish the story line of the game you currently working on must be complete for the new game to upload your saved game data and, yes if you did get Platinum this way you do get the crown.

          • Just thought you should know this is not a glitch. Trophies have nothing to do with save data. On any game once you achieve what is needed for a trophy to pop you could completely lose your save data and the trophies will remain. The only time you would need to earn trophies again would be if you created a new profile on your Playstation so that you COULD start anew and earn the trophies all over again.*****
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